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Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers

Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Lasers - solid-state lasers, in which the optical pumping is provided by semiconductor diode laser. DPSS lasers are characterized by high efficiency and compactness compared with gas and other solid state lasers.

DPSS lasers have become particularly popular as sources of laser light for many applications from industry and science to broad consumer and entertainment devices.

This laser has the optical scheme of pump semiconductor laser, laser active media and nonlinear crystal frequency doubling. At least, the second and third elements of the scheme require a fine thermal stabilization, as their work is strongly dependent on temperature. In addition in the DPSS, powerful semiconductor lasers are used for pumping, therefore heat dissipation and thermal stabilizing are required too. DPSS lasers efficient operation in many applications requires temperature stabilization with the thermoelectric coolers (TECs).

DPSS lasers are available variety of sizes and performances.

  • Deep cooling is not required. The required thermal stabilizing of LD is usually at temperatures above room temperature +30 … +40°C, due to the terms of the synchronism of nonlinear crystals.
  • DPSS lasers may need TECs with high cooling capacity, for the temperature of stabilizing of pump semiconductor laser.
  • TEC cold side must be large for a space for all optical components mounting.

The advantage of TECs is that they can stabilize LD temperature below ambient (cooling mode) or heat it up in reverse case. It is simply required to switch the power supply polarity on TEC.

TEC has unique reliability of several hundred thousand hours of continuous operation. It is more than 20-25 years of operation without maintenance and replacement, which is important for telecommunication systems.

RMT produces series TECs for DPSS lasers. These are powerful single-stage modules of all the TEC series available. RMT recommends 1MC06, 1MD06, 1MD10 and 1MDL06 Series for DPSS applications. Depending on the design (body), you can use a wide variety of standard sizes of thermoelectric modules for such applications.

All the products are manufactured in whole conformity with the standard of reliability Telcordia GR468 Core. The modules of RMT are fully compliant with RoHS и REACH requirements.

To select a suitable solution and the optimal TEC for an application, the supporting Online TEC Assistance is available at RMT’s website. For detailed modeling and calculations the company RMT provides our customers by free software TECCad or iTECPad.

Or contact RMT for immediate advice and assistance.